The Internet

How is your life with the Web? -Describe your day using this technology and network.

Honestly answering this question, I feel like pretty much my whole life depends on the internet…

I love music, so I am constantly listening to it (I am listening to it as I write this blog..), and I have a whole bunch of apps and songs I look up etcetera. If the internet wasn’t available, I wouldn’t be able to access music as easy, of as free, and i don’t know how i would make it through my day without listening to it.

Also, social media is a HUGE thing in my (and everyone else’s, literally) life. Because I model, so I am constantly posting photos from shoots to continue to “sell myself” and try and get more jobs from it. In the world of preforming, (acting, singing, modeling, dancing, ect…) social media is very important because you can show your talents off to the whole world, rather then just the people that were there to witness it. I am trying to become a famous actress, so posting a lot helps people see what I have to offer. Social media is also great to keep up with people that you are not around. Because I am studying abroad, all of my family gets to see what I post and keep up with me, and sometimes, more then I want them too…(JANGEO).

Studying is also a big thing. Now, we have everything at our fingertips and it is easy to look up whatever whenever. School is a lot easier because you and do online research, which is a lot easier then going to the library and reading books, especially in my life, because I wait until the last minute to do everything…

Everything about the internet is great, well not EVERYTHING, but most things, and it defiantly makes life a lot easier. So in conclusion, I LOVE THE INTERNET AND COULD NOT LIVE WITHOUT IT.


What would your life be like without the Web? “It would surely be different from your life today.”

One word: BORING

Like I described above, my life revolves around just about everything on the internet, which is kind of sad (first step to resolving is admitting you have an addiction.) I need the internet, to just get away from the now, while still being involved in the now, you know?

It would also be much harder to do almost everything. Studying with books? Using an actual map? Sending letters…? WITH PAPER?!… Unthinkable. Thank God all of that is at our fingertips and MUCH faster.

I love the 21st century. Period. Gracias y Buenas noches.