Hurricane Irma

Let me just sat by saying: Damn did Puerto Rico get lucky or what?

I mean am I right, or am I right..?

EVERYONE was freaking out. I mean it was scary. We all saw what it did to places before and after our beautiful island. It almost “partamos por medio.” Like we were ALMOST jodiemos. But key word, almost.

I went with my cousin to our great aunt’s house. 3 of our boy cousins stayed there with us… there was 8 people in that house. Besides the great food, and a little family time, let me tall you, ohhhh boy, I way so happy to pull up to the gates of Sagrado Tuesday afternoon. its not that I don’t love my family, or like being with them. its just, whole week with doing almost ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, is reallllllllllyyyyyy boring.

So, yes, I can say I lived through the hurricane, but honestly, it was boring. (but thats better then scary and the island all in pieces, so I’ll stop complaining:))